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Momo's Monsters Plush Toys / SNORE i like my zzzz's

Don’t be fooled by the sweet, soft exteriors of these squeaking furry monster toys. Momo’s Monsters are inspired by dogs everywhere that can be little “monsters” sometimes. Every pet parent remembers a time when their furry angel did something mischievous and they weren’t sure whether to laugh or cry at their pup’s antics. This plush toy collection embraces these silly shenanigans that make our pets so endearing.

Next time you treat your pup to a new toy, choose a toy that will really last. Our selection of plush dog toys are guaranteed to provide your companion with hours and hours of fun. Dogs love to cuddle with plush dog toys because of their soft exterior, but they’re also tough to tear apart! These stuffed toys will last you and your pup for a long, long time. And they look great, so you won’t be embarrassed to have them lying around the house.

18 cm

100% machine washable / durable double layered fabrics / inversed stitched for extra durability / squeaker for hours of fun


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