About Pet ID Tags

A high quality solid engraved pet ID tag might save your Pet’s life!

We prepare it for you within 3 minutes. How?

1. Choose you dog tag or cat tag (won’t be easy, 14 collections and more than 400 different tags) ☺

2. Choose the template, text and font, i.e.:
    PET’s name
    Owner’s phone number 1.
    Owner’s phone number 2.

In general, we can engrave 3 lines on one tag, except for some smaller sized tags (it is indicated at the specific tag if max. 2 lines are engraveable). Tags from the BASIC Collection have two sides to engrave on, therefore max. 6 lines altogether (name, phone, e-mail, address, web, chip number, logo, etc.)

3. In 3 minutes we are ready! You only have to wait for your postman ☺

What (else) you can use our tags?

On collars, harness, key-ring, necklace, zip, bag and wherever you wish.

Never forget to securely attach an ID tag on your Pet’ collar or harness! An engraved tag might save a life!